About Us

As President and Founder of I&J Services I want to thank you for continuing to welcome us into your home year after year. We have continued to provide these services at affordable rates for the past 20 years because of returning customer like you.

I&J is committed to providing quality cleaning services for windows, decks, and gutters. In addition, we also provide exceptional painting and wood floor refinishing services. Our company is a family-run business and we take pride in our trustworthy and professional crews. Being a homeowner myself I understand the difficult process of allowing a company into your home. Year after year our employees continue to be requested by satisfied customers as is evident in our customer retention rate.

Though we are a local company we are preferred by customers since we continue to provide manual cleaning of windows, gutters, and siding. Unlike other companies we continue to clean the traditional way. It is obvious when a home has been serviced by I&J Services and best of all, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Once again, thank you for choosing I&J Services where we welcome new customers and where returning customers are valued.

Israel Flores